Volkswagen continues to defraud customers?
Help get the word out.

VW continues to defraud customers, dumping defective Tiguans,
attacks website to destroy evidence?

My wife and I leased a Tiguan from VW of Stockton, CA We were told by Volkswagen staff (from sales to financing):

"The Volkswagen warranty is one of the best there is", that "the warranty covers the whole car . . . any problem with the car would be taken care of immediately at no cost to us."

The Volkswagen website actually states that Tiguans have:

Premium Craftsmanship That Brings Out Its Refined Side. .

Three days into our lease we noticed the car randomly leans to the left 1/4" to 3" after driving it for an extended period of time and parking it.

Below is a picture of the car leaning just over 1/2" to the left after being parked.

We called VW of Stockton, CA to get their Tiguan leaning to the left problem looked at and fixed. We were told by VW of Stockton, CA service center not to bring in the car to be looked at, that there is nothing wrong with it. Just to be clear: at this point they have not even looked at the car since we drove it off their lot. We demanded they took a look at it and brought it to the VW of Stockton service center. They looked at the car and then proceeded to tell us there was nothing wrong with the car. At one point we were told it's our imagination caused by the muffler being located on the left side.

We contacted Volkswagen Corporation. After an exchange of letters and legal materials. The official Volkswagen legal representative "Sean P. Conboy" stated in writing after seeing pictures of the car leaning to the left :

"Your car is not defective"

Based on Mr. Conboy's official Volkswagen statements after seeing the images of their Tiguan car leaning to the left, we assume Tiguans randomly leaning to the left are examples of VW Tiguans' "Premium Craftsmanship" as stated on their website..

We took the car to Tracy Volkswagen where a service mechanic, (name available upon vetted request), stated that all Tiguans lean to the left. The problem is too expensive for VW to fix so they're being sold as is to unknowing customers.

We posted this information on line at our website

Volkswagen cyber-attacked our website! (See the below links with Volkswagen's IP identification and their cyber-attack recorded in the website access log.) We sent Volkswagen their IP identification and our website's log of their cyber-attack against it. Volkswagen's legal representative "Sean P. Conboy" stated:

"Volkswagen did not . . . "attack" your website"

log entries of Volkswagen's attack.

owner IP (VW of America) attacking our website

Based on Volkswagen's official response we must assume VW was concerned for our website's security; that their pounding it with thousands of requests with different access URLs/Codes was not to break in and destroy the images of their defective Tiguan cars that they are dumping on unsuspecting customers, but rather to help us make sure our website security can withstand an attack from (We're at a loss here. We are unable to figure out who Volkswagen was protecting us from)?

Fortunately the website is hosted in the Amazon cloud and was impenetrable to VW's cyber hackers.

VW's "Premium Craftsmanship" apparently applies to their cyber hacking/criminal skills as well. Volkswagen should look to North Korea for some tips on how to break into a website, and destroy information, that publishes information they don't want people to see. As we all know, unlike Volkswagen's hackers of our website, North Korea was very successful in breaking into Sony Pictures' website and destroying information they did not want published.

Please help us get the word out about Volkswagen's continuing unethical (illegal?) actions to dump defective Tiguans on unsuspecting customers and their attempts to destroy our website -- post/e-mail this information to as many people as possible.

With Volkswagen's mounting fines, etc., the quality of their cars and service will continue to get worse. The better an offer sounds from Volkswagen the worse the quality of the car and service you'll probably receive.

Ken Boulange
Volkswagen Victim.